Duties of a Chartered Accountant

chartered accountancy

Chartered Accountant is a designation given to an accounting professional who has received certification from a statutory body that he/she is qualified to take care of the matters related accounting and taxation of a business, like file tax returns, audit financial statements and business practices, maintaining records.

Tax Duties of Chartered Accountant
CA firm in noida sector 18 job description can include duties of tax accountants, financial accountants, auditors or management accountants. Roles and responsibilities of a CA firm in noida sector 18 in taxation includes making sure that the client’s tax forms are complete and accurate, and that the client is paying neither more nor less than necessary.
This can include important financial decisions such as whether or not to claim a business expense, when to differ a tax responsibility, and other issues that include both legal and financial ramifications. Tax accountants can work for individual or corporate clients.

Financial and Management Accountant Careers
Financial accountants’ help companies make smart long-term financial decisions such as whether to acquire another company or enter into a new business relationship. They conduct detailed analyses of the financial statements involved in any business deal to ensure that the deal makes good sense for the company. Accordingly, management accountants analyze the company’s expenses to ensure that money is being used as effectively as possible and to remove inefficiencies in the corporate financial process.
Both of these roles are often filled by chartered accountants, who sometimes go on to become corporate directors or executives.

Careers in Auditing
CA firm in noida sector 18 who work as auditors are responsible for checking a company’s statements to make sure they are legal and accurate. Auditors work as independent outsiders who can give an objective and reliable assessment of the validity of an organization’s financial statements. They sometimes make use of computer software designed to spot any irregular patterns that may indicate fraud or mismanagement. Because auditors are usually brought in from outside the company, you may have to travel frequently if you choose this specialization.

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